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‘I have gained enormous benefit from Kinesiology treatments from Melanie. She is an excellent, caring and intuitive practitioner and I am very grateful to her for her support’

J.G. Wolverhampton

‘When it was first suggested to me to try kinesiology, I had no idea what this was or even how to spell it. Having done a bit of research online, I found The Woman Kind Practice and made an appointment to see Melanie.
At this time I spent most of my time at home, venturing out only occasionally and having to spend several days in bed to recover after each outing. I have M.E. and this is a severe debilitating illness that affects you in more ways than you can imagine.
When I met Melanie, I was immediately put at ease and she explained about kinesiology and the balancing of the body in ways that even my fogged-up brain could understand. I have been seeing her for many years now and my life has changed dramatically from how it was. I now work full time, yes, its tough but I manage. I will always have M.E. and have to be careful how much I exert myself, but still I am lucky I have my life back.
My appointments now are to rebalance and focus on any individual problems I might be having, such as back pain, concentration issues, dry eyes, headaches, joint pain and anything else. I know that anything I say to Melanie is kept confidential and will only be used to influence the session we are about to have.
Kinesiology is a completely unobtrusive and very relaxing treatment. It can involve testing the response to muscles or energetic pathways and making corrections to rebalance, and sometimes with the addition of crystals, sound, colour or just a light touch of the hand as required during that particular session. I always feel so much better afterwards and will continue to go as long as Melanie is practicing. Melanie also offer food testing to see if particular foods are affecting your health. This doesn’t involve needles or blood tests, which I like other people, had been through with my GP.
Like many people I was suffering with IBS, however I did not get all the symptoms, just the excruciating stomach cramps and constant pain together with loose motions. I was convinced it must be something else but was getting nowhere with my GP.
Melanie did the food sensitivity tests and found that I had a massive reaction to wheat, barley and a few other items. Since switching to a gluten free diet and avoiding all things that contain wheat, including wheat heat bags, not licking envelopes to seal them, (yes, the glue often contains wheat), making sure that I read all the ingredients on everything, now I don’t have any IBS symptoms at all.
To me Melanie is a miracle worker, she has changed my life and I can never thank her enough’

T.M. Warwickshire

‘My experience has been to have greater self-confidence, improved sports co-ordination and an improved memory – it is far easier to learn new things than I did before.
Melanie is a very caring therapist who works from a delightful practice, its relaxing just to know I am going there!’

E.C. Solihull

‘I have appointments with Melanie to help me with my anxiety and overactive mind. I find them incredibly useful and helpful. I come away feeling centered and focused, able to think clearly and calmly. The goals we set during the appointment really help me to stay on track if things become difficult, it seems to realign me.
I find the whole process quite fascinating ad I am surprised and very pleased at the progress I have made.
The food and supplement testing is brilliant too and the changes I have made to my diet do add to my overall sense of well being. Having my body and mind work as one is a true blessing, I also now recognise how to help myself between appointments to maintain that clarity and inner peace.
I thoroughly recommend Melanie if you can relate to any of these issues or if your body is calling out for something your mind doesn’t quite understand yet.’

C. K. Warwick

‘During the hay fever season my symptoms were particularly bad, my eyes and nose streaming. I had a temperature and was finding it difficult to breathe despite taking medication.
During the kinesiology balance there was an immediate response and my symptoms reduced dramatically – everything cleared, and the wheezing vanished! My mood lifted and I felt energised. I was amazed at the result! This therapy has to be tried to be believed.
Now I know of the many ways kinesiology can balance I have been having balances to improve my co-ordination for sports performance to positive effect’

J.A. Solihull

‘I just wanted to let you know how well I am feeling after the kinesiology treatment. It seems amazing that I arrived with so much discomfort and one hour later was completely pain free and better still, I have remained pain free. Thank you and I shall be passing on your name to others.’


‘I have been to see Melanie a few times now. Each time I have left feeling de-stressed, all those little aches and pains disappear, my sleep patterns improve, and I feel in balance with the world.’


‘I was going through a difficult time. My fiancé and I had agreed to separate. I was between jobs and waiting to start my new employment and had just moved into a new flat. A friend suggested I see Melanie as Kinesiology had helped her. I was interested to find out more and decided to go along.
The Kinesiology balance involved muscle testing and I was sceptical it would have any effect! However, Melanie involved me in the process, explaining as she went. Afterwards I was amazed at how positive I felt, with a feeling of calm and well-being.
I continue to feel upbeat and confident. Melanie is a very caring therapist and I recommend both her and the treatment.’

L.G. Dickens Heath

‘A friend suggested I try kinesiology and I was sceptical at first but was astounded at what kinesiology can do. It seemed like magic! Kinesiology has helped me change physically, mentally and emotionally for the better. I have been a client of Melanie’s for many years and find that her help keeps me on an even keel. If I have specific problems the kinesiology technique helps to find the cause and points the way to the right treatment. What I like most about Melanie is that she gives a lot of helpful advice and suggestions for me to use between sessions, so I can carry on the good work at home.’

M.D. Birmingham

‘I have had a number of treatments over the last 12 months and my health has benefited greatly. Melanie is professional, caring, sensitive and thorough and I have every confidence referring her to others. Thank you Melanie for all you’ve helped me with.’

L.W. Solihull