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Hello and Welcome to my First Blog

All a new venture for me but perfect for the sort of health related stuff I like to give to clients to inform and support them and can now share with others.

It’s going to have articles, snippets and factoids, of hopefully useful information, for you to use for your own well being in body and mind.

Topics might cover a condition, nutritional information, a mediation technique, breathing techniques to de-stress, natural pain relief suggestions, books or podcasts of interest and other areas that are all part of our wellness. I have a personal interest in the quality of our foods, farming practices, soil sustainability and carbon footprint if we are to not only choose well but be assured, we are eating nutrient dense foods.

– Well, that’s my intention, and where the mind goes, the body follows!

My ambition is to make the blog as organic as possible within my scope of knowledge, and to also look at the wider picture of what I call the ‘pillars of health’ as mentioned in my mission statement on the About Me page. Addressing regular exercise, the importance of having time outside in daylight, restorative rest and healthy sleep habits, caring for our environment, being part of a community, having a creative interest, and letting go of addictive behaviours and self-sabotaging beliefs. We need to include all these factors to make ourselves ‘whole’ in body, mind and spirit. Think of them as the sides of an equilateral triangle, the sides supporting each other – the Egyptians had this spot on when they built their pyramids thousands of years ago!

My first blog article will be around the topic of sleep. Its currently hitting the news a lot at the moment and it’s one of the most common symptoms from clients, whether by itself or as part of the bigger picture of their unwellness, so it seems a good place to start.