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Food testing

Food has the Power to Change our Health – We have the Power of Choice

‘Food is Medicine’

Nutrition is the cornerstone of health and well-being in the present and long term as we age. We need to be making informed choices that could help prevent so many of the conditions and diseases that are now all too common in the 21st century with our mental and emotional state and our physical state – often interlinked. What we eat, when we eat, how we eat – and more often what we ought not eat – is being shown to trigger these conditions with science making rapid strides to understand the importance of the gut microbiome and brain relationship. We need to eat to grow, fuel, repair, and replace cells as directed by our internal ‘computer’ orchestrating cells, mitochondria, enzymes, hormones, fluids, etc. Our choices directly impact these responses – there by directly affecting our metabolism, bones, muscles, circulation, immunity, energy levels, mental and emotional state, our ability to focus and make good choices, digestion, sleep quality, our hair, skin and nails. In fact, everything!

‘All dis-ease begins in the gut’ Hippocrates – The Father of Medicine over 2,000 years ago

With so many ‘diets’ – low-carb, paleo, vegan, gluten free and lactose free, ketogenic etc, and restricted eating, it can be confusing. The truth is at different times in our life we benefit from adjusting our diet to meet those needs. I call this the ‘Nutrivore’ diet. Using kinesiology techniques, Melanie can help to ‘identify’ the best, nutritious foods for you, and to reveal which foods are currently depleting your energy by being hard to digest, absorb or eliminate. Suggestions for alternative foods or possibly added supplementation if required, will be given.

‘My second session consisted of testing various food sensitivities. Several were identified and I eliminated these foods from my diet for a month with Melanie advising me on how best to maintain good nutritional content. The effects were utterly amazing! I have lost one and a half stone in 4 months and my ‘bloated’ feeling has disappeared. Another excellent effect was for the first time in 24 years I have barely suffered with hay fever – my worst day being a few sneezes. In previous years I have had to resort to inhalers. I can honestly not praise Melanie enough.’

L.R. Solihull

Food sensitivity testing has helped so many people with bloating, painful IBS spasms, tiredness, mood swings and depression, an inability to lose weight, frequent migraines and headaches, problem skin, constipation, impaired immune response, and the like. Variety is ‘the spice of life’ and so it is when aiming for an adaptive metabolism with healthy diverse diet and microbiome.

I test a wide variety of foods including wheat, gluten, dairy, grains, meat, fish, herbs, vegetables and fruits, and also beverages, condiments, sugars, yeasts. Clients are encouraged to bring a small sample of any processed food that they suspect has affected them with digestive, skin, energy or weight issues to also be tested.